EZ Wallet


Our Off-Chain Community Token only available for Discord server members
The Tokenomics is not ready to publish yet. We're more on product development.
However, in the community, we have ICCO - Initial Community Contribution Offering

What is an ICCO?

The ICCO system which stands for Initial Community Contribution Offering, is the community-driven system created by and explicitly catering to the EZ Wallet community.
The Core Concepts of ICCO includes:
  • Contribute to Earn system
  • Ersatz Token: EZ Cake ($EZC)
  • On-Chain Token: EZ Token ($EZT)
  • Conversion Mechanic between $EZC and $EZT
Read more about it on our BLOG: https://bit.ly/EzWalletMediumArticleICCO​